Letters of Reference

The Lower Mainland’s housing market is booming! With this continued growth, increasing amounts of renovators and custom home builders are joining our industry. It can be very difficult for homeowners to make the best choice based on experience and consistency.

By providing us with a letter and a review on your experience, you help us to build new relationships. A review shows to potential clients that you think highly of us and present an understanding of who we are. A letter also provides some comfort for individuals who may not feel comfortable speaking on the phone with our past clients whom they’ve never met. Perhaps a letter of reference we provided you helped in your initial desire to work with us.

We have enjoyed working with you on your project. We hope your positive review will assist a new client with a project that turns out as spectacular as yours.

  • Example Letter #1:

    To My House Design/Build/Team,

    It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for My House Design/Build/Team Ltd. which has completed a wonderful renovation of my house.  The project involved a complete renovation of the 24-year old house and an addition of floor area to bring the total living space to about 6,000 sf.

    The project started with a meeting with Mr. Graeme Huguet who inspired confidence in us with the company’s track record and his in-depth of knowledge on home renovation.  He shared with us many innovative ideas which we have never thought of to improve our house.  Although the project looked ambitious at the meeting, we had total peace of mind knowing that Graeme and his team would lead us through step by step to build a house that would not only look nice but function in a way that fit our current and future needs.

    The first big challenge of obtaining Board Variance approval from the City. The floor area addition was handled extremely well by Graeme and his staff.  Thorough understanding of City By-laws, detailed preparation of documents, and impressive presentation at the hearing earned us the approval to proceed with the construction of our dream home.

    The construction phase lasted for ten months and I am impressed with their efficiency.  Though there were hiccups during the process, the construction team always came up with solutions and kept us well informed of everything.  The kind of dedication to quality by the crew was second to none.  They are all willing to take extra steps to ensure that all works are done to excel normal standards.  When I moved back after completion, I was commended by my neighbors for hiring a team that was always courteous and mindful of reducing disturbance to the minimum.

    The result is a beautiful and quality home that makes us proud to show it to everyone.  It is so functional that all members in my family of three generations find their needs fully satisfied.  The new home also contributes to the environment by having its EnerGuide rating improved from a dissatisfactory level of 56 in the old house to an excellent 84!

    Excellence in workmanship is only part of the success story.  Creative interior and exterior design is the other integral component.  The exterior of the house was given a face uplifting with new materials and color to significantly increase curb appeal.  The internal layouts were heavily re-designed to open up space and enhance our view to the outdoor.  We are particularly pleased with those creative ideas that offer us with something we did not have in the old house: a walk-in master closet, a huge island in the kitchen, a high ceiling in the foyer, and a covered patio for outdoor entertainment.  The choice of finishing materials and color totally satisfies our desire to have a warm and contemporary home.  Before we contacted My House, we would never have imagined that our house could be transformed into what we have now.

    This experience with My House leaves me with no hesitation to recommend them for any renovation and new home project.  The company has the expertise, the experience, and most importantly, a team of dedicated staff who are friendly, skillful, and passionate in achieving the best for clients.  Graeme is hands-on, responsive, and genuine in guarding clients’ interests.  His leadership assures complete ease of mind.

    Compliments are due to Sarah Gallop our interior designer, Bruce MacDonald, kitchen designer, Mark Nowotny (Project Manager), Bruno Hoglund (Construction Manager), Kim Huguet, Morgan Weldrick, George Foster, and key members of the construction team: Karl Penner, Adam Hoglund, Michael Duffield, Ethan Shi, Jeff James, Ben Hugh, Mark White and Oleg Datsky.

    Yours sincerely,
    Maurice Lee

  • Example Letter #2:

    To Graeme & the entire team on our project,

    Netty and I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude for the great work done to improve our house.  We selected My House for reliability and quality work and notwithstanding that our expectations were surpassed with many aspects of the project.

    Our priority was to select the right people for the job, to not only get quality work done but to start with a good planning process and to direct the focus to the right features and comforts you hope to achieve in your home.  We feel that this is where your team’s involvement paid off big because your staff has the open mind or “clean slate” approach, combined with the ability to distill what we as homeowners often do not articulate well.  As a homeowner, you tend to lose the ability to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

    • You pointed out a usable “blind space” under the stairs, which adds almost two feet to the width of the kitchen by setting back appliances into this space.
    • You proposed an alternate layout of the master bedroom which subsequently provided the opportunity for much larger bathrooms and the space for a walk-in closet.

    Kudos for the Design part of the team.

    Secondly, we feel very fortunate having had Bruno and his crew on the project as he appears to have this canny ability to come up with a solution for any challenge during a project like this.  I would never hear about a challenge without Bruno at the same time providing several options to resolve these challenges. Kudos for the Build part of your team.

    Thirdly, from a general administrative aspect your company has always been very professional to see the project through until completion.

    Finally, we have been pleased by the courteous way how all staff dealt with disruption to neighbours on our street that comes with any construction project of this magnitude.  You also impressed us with the professionally organized open house after completion of the project.

    We must say that we are very excited about the quality of materials and the way how the work was completed with such attention to detail throughout.

    Kees & Netty Wijsman

  • Example Letter #3:

    To the My House Team,

    We interviewed a few renovation companies and we ended up being very happy with our choice: My House Design/Build Team.

    We met with Graeme and his team and were very impressed. We chose them because of the professional process of signing the contract as well as providing us ideas for our home we didn’t think were possible.

    We’ve been back in the house approximately 6 – 7 months now. There are a lot of nights and weekends where we sit in the house and think ‘wow’! We are so happy we renovated with the My House Team because they made the process enjoyable for us.

    What they did for us was create more useable square footage, remove walls, remove the chimney, which created an amazing great room with an open concept kitchen. This made our entire top floor completely useable. They moved the stairs from where they were which had never even entered our minds. Graeme and his team gave us so much more useable space. They showed us their ideas on paper which made the whole concept more real to us, giving us confidence in our decision to go with them.

    They took the time to ask detailed questions about what we want from the home. From there, they took that information and came back to us with 3 concepts of how they could make the house more comfortable. We really felt like the house was being customized to our lives and our needs. We were thrilled by that part of the process and to see it conceptualized in artist drawing on paper and architectural plans – we’re visual people and that made it real for us. We could visualize what they were suggesting and out of those 3 concepts, we didn’t necessarily just pick one, we picked the best elements out of all 3. With the My House Team we were  able to come to a really amazing finished product.

    From the beginning to end of the project, we liked their team approach. We met with Graeme and his team multiple times at their office as well as several times at our home before the reno even started. So, before the first wall came down, we knew what we were getting into and what to expect. We liked that they had dedicated individual in each specialty. Having specialists in each area for us was amazing because it took all the scary parts away and made it very easy. No question, we’d work with Graeme again and highly, highly recommend the whole My House Team.

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We understand that writing these reviews can be time consuming and sometimes technologically frustrating! We greatly appreciate your time and effort. Once you have completed the letter of reference and review process, please contact our Marketing Coordinator, Carla, so she can send you your gift certificates. In addition to this please do not hesitate to contact her with any of your questions or concerns. Please feel free to reach her by email or phone.

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When they call us we will let you know, and if they desire to work with us we will send you a thank you gift in the form of My House Dollars. These can be used towards service and maintenance or put towards any further work with My House. This does not increase anyone’s cost, but we know you have taken the time to put in a word for us and we wish to make that worth your while.  An effort we try to make with all clients, industry professionals, and real estate consultants.

For you, we offer our staff ‘Friends & Family’ Discount. If you decide to consider any future work with My House, as a returning client, we will provide you with a 10% discount off our service fees or labour rates. If it is a project that we can do on a fixed cost, we will deduct 10% off our labour and service costs before we provide you with the Fixed Fee Quote.

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