West Vancouver Hillside Splendor

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Award-winning renovation West Vancouver. My House Design/Build completed West Vancouver Hillside Splendor in 2016, transforming an under-accented, large 6,000 square foot house into a home exuding modern luxury.

The clients originally wanted a cosmetic upgrade to the house, but were open to our ideas for taking the transformation to the next level. The clients wanted the living room to be a space they could spend time in and enjoy, so we created a living space with a large TV and the adjoining work and reading space nearby. They also insisted that every bedroom should have its own private bathroom, and every bedroom should look towards the view. The clients wanted a kitchen with plenty of storage and seating capacity, and a separate kitchen for spicy cooking.

Some design challenges we faced included making the foyer feel more welcoming and ‘higher’  than it was, to provide every bedroom access to the view, and improve access to the outdoor areas.

Stairwell Transformation – West Vancouver Renovation

The homeowners biggest ‘dislike’ of the original house was its lack of architectural interest and its mundane interior finishing. As part of our plan, we replaced the out-dated traditional oak staircase with a modern open staircase with a steel spine, chunky wood treads, and a glass ‘bridge’ connecting two floors. We also created a two-story stone wall on one side of the stairwell, with a floor-to-ceiling strip of LED lighting nestled between two layers of overlapping stone.

In addition, we installed sleek modern tile throughout, created luxurious bathrooms, installed creative and breathtaking lighting choices, designed a dining room and kitchen specifically for entertaining.

Bringing the Outdoors In

The homeowners wanted better flow from inside space to outside space. Interior spaces were opened up to the outdoor balcony facing the view by means of an Eclipse folding door system from the dining room onto the balcony. An enlarged deck was added to the front of the house, with access from the kitchen, and connected to the existing balcony off the dining room. Access to the backyard was improved by removing the sliding patio door off the staircase landing, and creating a new opening from the office area off the living room to the backyard.

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2016 CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence

Best Any Room - Central Stairwell (Winner)
Best Kitchen $65,000 and Over (Finalist)

2016 CHBA BC Georgie Awards

Best Any Room New or Renovation (Winner)
Best Kitchen Renovation over $100,000 (Winner)
Best Certified Whole House Renovation (Winner)
Best Residential Renovation $800,000 & Over (Finalist)
Best Master Suite New or Renovation (Finalist)

2016 GVHBA Ovation Awards

Best Renovated Room - Central Stairway (Winner)
Best Renovation: $800,000 and Over (Finalist)
Best Bathroom Renovation: $35,000 and Over (Finalist)
Best Renovated Room - Master Suite (Finalist)