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We will walk you through the process of transforming your home sanctuary at our live home renovation webinars.

We will answer any questions you may have! Look at our webinars featured below to find the best fit for you. 

Learn from Our Award-Winning Design/Build Team

In our upcoming home renovation webinars, Graeme Huguet, owner of My House Design/Build Team will walk you through how to best utilize your renovation budget, what you can do yourself, and what projects need a design and build team.

In today’s world your home needs to be more than just a living space, it needs to have the functionality to adapt to your family’s changing needs. We are firm believers in creating Great Living Spaces not just for today but planning for tomorrow. 

Our homes are there to provide us the support we need in our everyday lives. Whether you are looking at updating your kitchen, adding a secondary suite, additional washrooms, or even an outdoor living space so that you can enjoy your patio year-round -we are here to guide you so you have the amenities you need ready in your home.

Let us show you how to transform your home. From kitchen and bath, basement, to a new custom home, we will discuss the process involved in renovating your home and what to look for before starting any home project. 

My House Home Improvements + Renovations Webinar

Are you considering reconfiguring the space of your home? From whole home renovation, kitchen, bath, outdoor living, condo, or basement – then this seminar is perfect for you! 

Our Team will go over: 

> Where to begin on your renovation project, then will walk you through the design, planning, and permit process and important things to look for before beginning any home project.

> Simple ways you can increase the functionality and value of your home.

> The process involved in adding a secondary suite for extra income…or family members moving in.

> Any questions you may have about your renovation.

My House High-Performance
Custom Homes + Renovations Webinar

Are you considering renovating a whole home or building new? If so, this seminar is for you! We will be sharing:

>  The process involved when renovating or building new. We will go over the design, planning, and permit process for full-home renovations, custom homes, sustainable/high-performance, and laneway homes.

>  What to look for when building a sustainable and energy-efficient home. We will go over the different design, building methodologies and material selections that influence the quality and efficiency of your home.

>  How to navigate BC Step-Code, Net-Zero building, Built-Green ™ , Energy Star ™  and Passive Homes ™ certification.

>  We will also be there for a Q & A to answer any questions you may have about your particular project!


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