My House Design/Build on CKNW’s Vancouver Consumer Show

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If you missed our recent exclusive Vancouver Consumer Show appearance with Mannie Buzunis on Vancouver 980 CKNW on Saturday July 25, 2020, click the audio link below to hear what Graeme Huguet, owner of My House Design/Build Team, spoke about. We were pleased to be featured renovators on CKNW.

Graeme walks listeners through the types of common renovations in 2020, outlining what happens during the feasibility stage, how to best utilize your renovation budget, what you can do yourself, and what projects need a design and build team. This interview is 27 minutes long.

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Graeme Huguet speaking to Mannie Buzunis:

MB: Outdoor, indoor? What types of projects are My House doing this summer? 

GH: A bit of both. Many homeowners are investing in landscaping, backyard oasis, building outdoor covered areas, home offices, classroom areas, re-configuring spaces, changing or making more space for people moving back home (adult children, parents bringing in).

MB: What recommendations do you have for those getting permits/doing renovations in the Lower Mainland?

GH: I recommend you have lots of patience. It takes up to 1 year to get the permit for a lane-way or coach house. Each municipality processes things on their own schedule. Because we recognize that people are going through a difficult time this spring and summer with COVID-19, and to celebrate our 14 recent awards, My House Design/Build is offering 15% off preliminary design, planning, and the permit application process to help people get started on their projects. Getting the permit application process started early is an advantage to those planning new homes, renovations, and/or doing outdoor and other projects. Because the permit process can take a while, it’s good to start as early as you can.

MB: Are permits getting in hands quickly?

GH: Plan checkers are working hard and are working efficiently. Their working as quickly as their current resources allow. The permit application is a process, not just a stamp on a paper.

MB: You speak a lot about renovations and changing a home’s functionality. Tell us more. 

GH: How homes are arranged, room size, how the rooms worked together has changed over the years. One of the important things the My House Design Build team does is to adjust the home space to be more in line with how a family now lives. This could include adding patio doors, expanding outdoor living areas, making great rooms where people can spend more time in the kitchen vs. a formal, separate dining room and living room.

Here are our typical steps in the feasibility phase of a renovation project:

  1. Identify “Have-To”s.
  2. Look at your Wish List.
  3. Look at your existing house.
  4. Determine Feasibility. Bring you ideas, but within the bylaws for your municipality.
  5. If needed, get inspections and surveys so we can ensure a correct estimate.
  6. Do Plans + Permits.

In this phase, we do detailed drawings, lighting plans, heating plans, etc. We have good relationships with all municipalities in the Lower Mainland. This means homeowners don’t have to deal with the bureaucracy.

Listen to the entire interview regarding renovators on CKNW, click above.

My House Design/Build Team Wins Renovator of the Year for Sixth Consecutive Year at BC Georgie Awards


My House Design/Build/Team recently added 14 more awards to the trophy case from four prestigious competitions – the BC CHBA’s (Canadian Homebuilder Association) Georgie Awards, Metro Vancouver’s HAVAN Awards for Housing Excellence, CHBA’s National Awards for Housing Excellence and CHBA’s Okanagan Housing Awards of Excellence.

We are so honoured to have been awarded ‘Residential Renovator of the Year‘ in both Metro Vancouver and in the entire province, marking the 6th consecutive year as B.C’s Renovator of the year. Clearly, we do not need additional promotion from companies like The Marketing Heaven, the quality of our work is recognized and acknowledged.

To celebrate our recent honours and to support our local community during this difficult time, we are now offering 15% rebate off preliminary design and permit planning services. 

BC CHBA Georgie Awards:

> Grand Georgie Award: Residential Renovator of The Year

> Best Condo Renovation Over $250,000 for Creekside Glamour

> Best Residential Renovation $300,000 – $499,999 for Creekside Glamour

> Best Interior Custom Residence – New or Renovation for Dramatic Lines

> Best Residential Renovation $500,000 – $799,999 for Dramatic Lines

> Best Residential Renovation $800,000 and Over for Skaha Vista

> Best Certified Whole House Renovation for Skaha Vista

Metro Vancouver HAVAN Awards of Housing Excellence – Vancouver Home Builder’s Association:

> Grand Havan Award: Residential Renovator of The Year

> Best Kitchen Renovation Under $75,000 for Modern Refuge

> Best Townhouse/Condominium Renovation: $250,000 and Over for Creekside Glamour

> Best Renovation Over $1 Million for Skaha Vista

CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence:

> Best Kitchen Over $100,000 for Dramatic Lines

> Best Exterior for Skaha Vista

CHBA Okanagan Awards for Housing Excellence:

Excellence in Kitchen Renovations $150K & Over for Skaha Vista


2020 Winners of The HAVAN Awards Of Housing Excellence

The Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN) Awards for Housing Excellence is an annual awards program for residential new-home construction, renovation, and design in Metro Vancouver.

My House Design/Build Team is honored to have been announced as winners in four categories this year including:

>   Grand HAVAN Award for Residential Renovator of the Year

>   Best Kitchen Renovation: Under $75,000 for Modern Refuge

>   Best Renovation: Over $1 Million for Skaha Vista

>   Best Townhouse/Condominium Renovation: $250,000 and Over for Creekside Glamour

My House Design/Build Team Georgie Awards

Georgie Award Finalists

The Georgie Awards will be held online on Friday, June 26 at 6:30 pm. See the projects + awards that we are up for, below.

Join us for the live viewing 

Password: GeorgieAwards20

Best Residential Renovation: Under $100,000 for Modern Craftsman

Best Residential Renovation: $100,000 – $299,999 for Modern Refuge

Best Residential Renovation: $300,000 – $499,999 for Four Seasons 

Best Residential Renovation: $300,000 – $499,999 for Creekside Glamour 

Best Residential Renovation: $300,000 – $499,999 for Ravine Revamp

 Best Residential Renovation: $500,000 – $799,999 for Garden Oasis 

Best Residential Renovation: $500,000 – $799,999 for Dramatic Lines 

 Best Residential Renovation: $800,000 and Over for Skaha Vista

Best Kitchen Renovation: Under $125,000 for Ravine Revamp  

Best Kitchen Renovation: Over $125,000 for Garden Oasis  

Best Kitchen Renovation: Over $125,000 for Dramatic Lines

Best Kitchen Renovation: Over $125,000 for Glimmers Of Gold

 Best Condo Renovation: Over $250,000 for Creekside Glamour.

Best Interior Custom Residence – New or Renovation for Dramatic Lines

Best Interior Custom Residence – New or Renovation for Creekside Glamour 

Best Interior Custom Residence – New or Renovation for Skaha Vista 

Best Certified Whole House Renovation for Skaha Vista 

Grand Georgie Awards®: Residential Renovator of the Year

Interested in seeing other awards we have won? See our awards page.

We’d love to help you with your next renovation or custom home project. Please contact us for a free consultation.

A Letter to our Community



A Letter to our Community:

In these uncertain times, I wanted to personally reach out to you to let you know the My House Design/Build/Team is taking COVID-19 extremely seriously. We know this is a very unsettling time for everyone. First off, our hearts go out to anyone in our local & global community who may be affected by the coronavirus. Now’s a good time to lean on each other and draw strength from family, friends and each other in our community.

 We care deeply about the well being of our employees, customers, and communities, and recognize the responsibility to do our part in containing and/or slowing its spread.

We remain fully operational and are confident that coronavirus (COVID-19) will not significantly impact our services and have detailed the measures of precaution we are taking.

Our Commitment to You

We have implemented contingency plans and updated policies and procedures to ensure we are meeting your needs, with better effective communication to be the top of our priorities.

  • We have canceled all planned events including seminars and the My House Parade of Renovated Homes originally set for April 19, 2020.

  • Internally, we have expanded our work-from-home program ensuring team members have the tools needed to work and collaborate remotely and ensure our customers can continue to reach us for support

  • We will provide you the option to replace in-person meetings with virtual meetings.

  • When we have personal meetings with you, at your home or at our office, we will do our best to ensure our staff in attendance, are healthy, and we will excuse ourselves now, from shaking hands and for maintaining a reasonable social distance.

Enhanced Safety Measures 

Below are measures being taken to ensure employees and customers are safe:

  • We have eliminated non-essential travel for all team members

  • We are requiring that all employees & trades returning from out-of-country self-isolate for 14 days upon return – in accordance with the Public Health Agency of Canada.

  • We are enhancing the flexibility of our wellness days (sick days) policies.

  • Implementing HR policies around sick days and leave, Requiring employees to stay home if they or their immediate family members are sick or have any symptoms

  • Promoting preventive best practices including hand washing for ALL who enter our office and hand sanitization disinfectant in all office and showroom locations

  • We are enhancing our personal hygiene and cleaning Increasing sanitization measures for cleaning all surfaces throughout the day, and deep cleans midweek and weekends

  • Enhancing vehicle cleaning after each use, with particular focus on high-touch surfaces such as the steering wheel, gear shift, dashboard, seatbelts, and ignition

  • All our Construction managers and crews are also equipped with updated sanitization and safety products

  • Applying guidance from the Government of Canada Public Health Services, B.C. Centre for Disease Control and Vancouver Coastal Health around best practices and recommendations

  • As we have shared, our customers’ and employee’s health and safety are our first priority. Therefore, We ask you please, If you are not feeling well or you think you may have symptoms of illness, or if you or any family members have been in contact with someone who is unwell or have returned from travel outside of Canada in the last 14 days, we ask that you contact us by phone instead of coming into our office

  • We are actively monitoring the development of the outbreak and are prepared to act swiftly in response to changing conditions and new information We’re following advice from federal and provincial public health agencies, and we are meeting daily to assess the situation and identify impacts to employees, customers, and our business operations. As the situation evolves locally and the risk level changes, we will quickly act to implement additional protocols.

While we continue our work, as usual, we are preparing for different scenarios, including the possibility of our entire team working remotely. We are prepared to manage business continuity challenges virtually. We anticipate no impact to our service and believe in our ability to keep running and expanding as usual, with no interruption. We have ensured that our team members have whatever they need to work remotely if needed and to continue doing their jobs securely. We have increased channels of internal communication, and as always, prioritize communication with you, our customers.

At My House, excellence and unparalleled customer service are our core values. We will continue to uphold these as we move through this unique situation and will keep you up to date with any changes to safety measures, policies, and services.

Please take care of yourselves and each other,

Respectfully yours,

Graeme Huguet

Managing Director, My House Design/Build/Team

Useful resources
We encourage you to stay informed about the facts surrounding COVID-19 and recommend the following links to qualified authorities:

Glimmers of Gold in Surrey

surrey renovations, best home renovations surrey

Homeowners for our Glimmers of Gold project in Surrey, BC, wanted a home in a style completely different from what they had before.

With two sons now in college, it was time for entertaining. The homeowners wanted touches of glamour yet a home that was cozy and livable.

The new living room features a striking modern gold chandelier and a 2-story custom molding detail wall.

The new white kitchen is brighter than previous, and allows allows more island seating for socializing and meal prep.

See more on this full home renovation in Surrey


Coquitlam Dramatic Lines

coquiltlam home renovations, home renovations coquitlam

We’re thrilled to feature a recently completed home renovation in Coquitlam: Dramatic Lines.

This 1965 home underwent changes throughout, including opening a challenged entrance way, and transforming a dark kitchen with angular island into a bright space with white cabinets, better views, more seating, and a hidden pantry.

Dramatic lines refers in part to the flush, black herringbone ceiling detail that goes from the entrance way to the entertainment area, arriving at a modern fireplace. Black is also used on window frames and the kitchen island.

See the Dramatic Lines gallery for before and after pictures of these features as well as changes made to the master bedroom, teen bedrooms, laundry room and exterior.

You can also watch the video.

2019 Georgie Award Winners

Georgie Awards

We are thrilled to announce that we are 2019 Georgie Award Winners! On Saturday March 9th our entire team attended the annual gala. It was an incredible evening made even better by three of our finalist Homeowners who joined us. Most of all we are humbled to be named Winner for Customer Satisfaction - Renovator, and BC’s Residential Renovator of the Year for the fifth year in a row.

Congratulations to all of the other winners! We look forward to seeing you next year!

Read more to view our Georgie Award winning projects.

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2019 Ovation Award Finalists

Ovation Award Finalists

We are very excited to announce that Caribbean Dream has become a Finalist for four 2019 Ovation Awards! Last night some of our team attended the 2019 Ovation Awards 'Oiree, hosted by HAVAN at Loungeworks. It was an incredible evening with delicious food and wonderful company. The winners will be announced at the Awards Gala on Saturday, May 4th 2019.  Stay tuned for the results!

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Grants, Rebates, & Tax Credits – What Do You Qualify For?


Navigating your renovation can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re educating yourself on new building technology or learning about the buzz-worthy new products on the market, it’s safe to say you may need the guidance of a professional. While being consulted on all these details, it’s important to keep in mind the rebates available to you. We love finding ways to save our clients money so grants, tax credits, and rebates are never overlooked.

If you’re beginning your project and curious about some of the options available to you, here are some good places to start.

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To Our Valued Clients – Thank You!

My House Clients

As we embark on the 2019 award season we can’t help but reflect on this past year. Every award we receive leaves our team incredibly honoured and humbled. We would never have the opportunity to be recognized for our work if our clients had not entrusted us with their homes. We have said this before, but we will say it again…

To our valued clients, thank you for choosing our team to bring your vision to reality. We recognize that your dream space is not only something you’ve imagined for some time but is also an investment you’ve worked hard for – in some cases, your whole life. Your collaboration with My House has allowed our staff to continue to work in careers they’re passionate about, and as a team continue to create great living spaces.

A special thanks to two families in particular…

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