Green Builders Vancouver

One of the pillars that defines us at My House is sustainability. As BUILT GREEN® Builders in Vancouver, we pride ourselves in staying on the cutting edge of environmentally friendly and sustainable building practices. It’s our goal to create homes for our clients that are not only comfortable but energy efficient.

Whether it’s a new custom build, or the renovation of an existing home, we’ve got the experience and certification to help you create the environmentally friendly home of your dreams.

Learn what it means to have a Built Green home:

Built Green Builders Vancouver

The My House team are certified BUILT GREEN®  Builders. This program enables builders to choose from a number of green features depending on what works best for their project. The program focuses on key areas including: energy & envelope, materials & methods, indoor air quality, ventilation, waste management, water conservation, and building practices.

Learn more about the Built Green program.

Net Zero Energy Homes Vancouver

A Net-Zero Energy house is an energy efficient home that produces as much energy through sustainable on-site renewable energy sources, like solar panels, as they use in a year. Power generated on-site is fed back into the local grid to balance energy consumption.

Learn more about Net-Zero Homes on the Canadian Home Builders Association.

Passive Homes Vancouver

This internationally recognized building standard aims to achieve maximum energy efficiency without sacrificing comfort. Passive Homes use 75% less energy for heating and cooling and and overall home energy savings of over 50% compared to the average home.

Learn more about Passive Home standards.

If you’re looking for a Built Green builder in Vancouver for your next project, look no further than My House Design/Build Team.