Clear, consistent communication is the secret ingredient in the MyHouse Design/Build Process

Design/Build Process – Custom Homes

Building a custom home doesn’t need to be an ordeal. Our detailed process outlines our series of steps in a well-planned sequence.

Knowing what to expect at each stage – and especially what choices you’ll make and when – will make your house-building experience smooth and result in the home you’ve always dreamed about.

The My House Process is a result of over 25 years of teamwork and collaboration as Vancouver builders and renovators. Our team of trained professionals, under the direction of a dedicated project manager, work closely with each other and with you to handle the details from the first meeting to completion.

Read about the custom homes process below, then look over some recent Custom Homes projects.

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Existing Condition

What you have; Survey; As-Built drawings; Hazardous materials to be removed.

Bylaw Analysis

What you can do; Square foot allowance; Site coverage; Set backs; Heights; Covenants.

Functional Concepts

Use of space; Floor plans; Functionality; Ideas brainstorming.

Preliminary Scope of Work

Your Have-to’s; Want-to’s; Wish-to’s; Point form list of work to be created.

Preliminary Estimate

A breakdown of anticipated investment ranges; Soft costs; Design; Preparation; Construction; Finishes.

Preliminary Calendar

Blocks of time anticipated for phases by our Vancouver builders; Design; Permits; Ordering materials; Preparation; Demo; Construction; Move in.

Discuss Strategy

Together, we determine the next steps: What to design; What to build; Your team; Communication; Your personal project web portal.


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Layout of Floor plans including windows & door placement; Cabinetry; Furniture.

Permit Drawings

Architectural drawings (site plan, elevations, cross section and construction details as required); Engineering review & documentation.

Material Specifications

Specifications list of material; Related drawings required to clarify construction; Cabinetry; Lighting; Mechanical plans.

Scope of Work

Step-by-step written outline of how the project comes together and what is included in the construction phase.

Construction Budget

A breakdown of project costs based on the decisions and choices made during in the construction phase.

Permits Application

Communication and application with regulatory authority including municipal, fisheries, B.O.V, Heritage, Strata, Fraser Valley Health, etc.

Construction Calendar

Weekly calendar outlining critical path; Timeline for phases; Trades and inspection available online on your personal project web portal.

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Deconstruction & Prep

Move out, Utilities disconnection, Hazardous materials remediation, Drywall removal, Tree barriers, Demolition, Safety fencing installation. Clean up and haul away debris; Photo documentation.


Rough in of all HVAC; Electrical; Plumbing; Gas; Sprinklers; Low voltage vacuum; Audio; Video; Wifi; Security; Integration.

Insulation & Drywall

Exterior Wall; Attic; Soundproofing; Wall and floor prep; drywall or applicable materials.


Exterior: Rain screen; Cladding; Roofing; Drainage. Interior: Floor covering; Tile; Cabinetry; Plumbing; Electrical Fixtures; Finish Carpentry; Painting.

Clean up & Detailing

Cleaning of construction debris from site and interiors; Final details; Completion of all municipal or other related inspections.



The My House comprehensive construction checklist is reviewed by your Project Manager prior to walkthrough.


The Project Manager walks with you through your project to identify remaining deficiencies or corrections to be made.

Deficiency Finish

There may be items that need fixing, replacing or finishing. We complete all deficiencies as quickly as materials become available.

Move In

Our goal is to move you in as soon as possible once all applicable inspections are complete and work is finished to your approval.

Photos & Referral Program

We take pride in photographing the completion of your project and provide you with a CD/memory stick of all construction photos.


We offer a comprehensive 2/5/10 warranty based off the Home Protection office of BC, and the CHBA construction performance guidelines.


Regularly-scheduled check-ups and service work keeps warranties valid, and prevents costly future repairs.

Renovator of the Year

We guarantee it

The MyHouse Design/Build team will deliver the home you’ve always dreamed about, with the utmost care and professionalism. In addition, we offer a comprehensive 2/5/10 Warranty based off the Home Protection Office of BC, and the CHBA Construction Performance Guidelines.


Resources to help get you started with your project:

Prior to the start of your construction project, it is a good idea to start an idea library. Here are two resources for that plus a Renovation information website link.


On Houzz – log-in and start your own IDEABOOK. Collect images of homes and details that you love. Save a few that you don’t love as well! Your IDEABOOK can really help the designers on your My House team narrow down a style for you.


On Pinterest you can also add photos you like and don’t like to pin “boards”. Create a login – and add a few idea boards. Pinterest will suggest images for you or you can search by key words. Click and “Pin-it” to your idea boards.


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