Additions + Sunrooms

Bringing the Outside In

When it comes to renovating your home, there are many improvements you can make. You can increase living space, improve comfort and aesthetics, and you can bring the outside in.

Through many of our renovations we have included large glass panel ceilings that incorporate Lindal glue-lam beams with thermally efficient glazing. This technology can be used inside and outside your home and can greatly expand your living space.

The benefits inside the home are much brighter kitchens and sunrooms. Outside you can double or triple the the outdoor space you can use year-around. Here are a few samples from our extensive portfolio.

Additions & Sunroom Galleries

Sunrooms for Homeowners

We know that sometimes all you are looking for is a refresh of a single room or a smaller renovation project. 

We do it all. From single room improvements, small sunroom projects, home additions or large outdoor covered patio rebuilds.

You get the same expertise and focus no matter the scope of your project.


You’ll never be out of the loop or wondering “what if?” We’ll explore all options and make sure you’re well informed at every stage of your project.


We know that 2 heads are better than one. And 12 heads are better than 5. Collaboration isn’t just a fancy headliner for us, it’s embedded in everything we do. When you work with us, you’re getting the best opinions and advice from all angles of your project. Even the ones you can’t see 😉

Industry Leaders

We didn’t get named BC’s BC’s Renovator of the Year for producing sub par work. We only build quality, creative and healthy homes. And that comes with being leaders in process, rules and regulations, sustainable practices, and industry leading guarantees.

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