Kitchen + Bath Renovations

Kitchen Renovations

The heart of our homes is the kitchen and today it is much more than a place to cook. It is a gathering place, entertainment hub, work station, or a place for school. Creating a multi-functional kitchen that flows with the rest of your home is key to protecting the investment you make. 

Family bathrooms and master ensuites are not just essential, practical spaces. They can also be a relaxing oasis to escape to. Creating a more functional family bathroom or that spa-like master bath you’ve always dreamed of is possible. We are here to guide you through the process of renovating these most used rooms in your home.

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Bathroom Renovations

Whether you’re needing a refresh or a reimagining for your own personal sanctuary, a well thought out bathroom will never go out of style. Usually seen as a great investment to your home, a newly finished bathroom can bring new life to your existing living space.

Our team are specialists when it comes to bathroom renovations, with a vast portfolio of projects that cover a wide variety of styles and scope.

Take a look at some of our highlight bathrooms with the peace of mind that you’ll get the same all-inclusive treatment and expertise from our award winning team.

Level One

A Simple Upgrade

A makeover in its simplest form. Typically contained to aesthetic changes and refresh of materials.

Level Two

Replace All in Same Place

Within this scope, we’ll keep all the plumbing and electrical in place while swapping out all of the materials/fixtures and revamping the aesthetics

Level Three

Custom Remodel of All

The pièce de résistance. Extensive changes to the arrangement of the room in addition to a full re haul on all plumbing, electrical, materials and fixtures. The possibilities are endless.

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