Renovators Coquitlam, Family ties home renovation project

Coquitlam Family Ties - Whole Home Renovation

To: My House Design/Build Team

Attention: Members of My House Design/Build Team,

We interviewed a couple companies & we ended up being very happy with our choice with My House Design/Build Team.

We met with Graeme & his team and were very impressed. One of the reasons we went with them was just the professional process of signing the contract; them coming in & looking at our home and giving us ideas we didn’t think were possible with the house.

We’ve been back in the house about 6 – 7 months now, there are a lot of nights, weekends where we sit in the house & think wow! We’re sure happy we did what we did & we’re sure happy we went with My House & the Team because they really made the process enjoyable for us… Throughout the whole process that came out of my mouth a lot of times!

What they were able to do for us was create a more usable square footage, opened up a lot of the walls, took the chimney out & were able to create an amazing great room feeling with an open concept kitchen which just made our entire top floor completely usable. They flipped the stairs from where they were & that was one thing we had no idea, hadn’t even entered our minds, it would be a possible part of the renovation… when Graeme & his team came in and said here’s what’s possible… gives you much more usable space & they were able to show us those ideas on paper which made the whole concept more real to us, giving us confidence in our decision to go with them, go ahead with the reno & stay in our house.

It was really about them interviewing us and what we want out of the house & then they took that away & came back to us with 3 concepts on paper of how they could make the house more comfortable for us. We really felt like the house was being customized to our lives & our needs. We were thrilled by that part of the process & to see it conceptualized in artist drawing on paper & architectural plans, we’re visual people and that made it really real for us & we were really able to visualize what they were suggesting & out of those 3 concepts, we didn’t necessarily just pick one, we picked the best elements out of all 3. With them & their team, we were really able to come to, I think what’s become a really amazing finished product.

The My House Team from start to end, what we liked was the team approach, we met with Graeme & his team a couple of times at their office, a number of times at our house before the reno even started. So before the first wall came down, we knew what we were getting into & what we were going to expect. We liked that they had dedicated people… and we knew who to talk to in each area. Having specialists in each area for us was amazing because it just took all the scary parts of the reno away & made it very easy for us… No question, we’d work with Graeme again & highly, highly recommend the whole My House Team.