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Surrey Splash of Bordeaux - Whole Home Renovation

To: My House Design/Build Team

Re: Our Full House Renovation

In the spring of 2010, we partnered with Graeme Huguet and his team to do a very large renovation of our home in Coquitlam. The project involved the addition of a new floor, which added about 1200 square feet to our house. The entire main floor was also renovated, as was a portion of the basement. We were advised to move out during the process, which was a very wise decision. Exactly on time, we moved back in to our dream home.The team had accomplished an amazing feet, and had kept to schedule, despite all the many changes and additions we threw at them.

As with any renovation, there were many challenges. Being displaced from our home was stressful. Constantly having to make decisions on details was overwhelming at times. The financial pressure added to the stress. However, we feel that Graeme’s team really helped to minimize all these difficulties, and overall, the process went incredibly smoothly. We both feel that the stress of renovation would have been far worse had we not worked with the same team from beginning ( design) to end ( construction).

The team led by Piers was so professional, so courteous and a pleasure to be around. The work site was always well maintained, and the team was respectful of the impact on our neighbours. We were at the site most days, just to see the progress, and were always welcomed. The attention to detail and the quality of the work is outstanding. Piers, Dan, Bruno, and Jeff are masters of carpentry & finishing! Thanks to Arthur who did an amazing job on the tiling, and to John for repainting the front hallway about 7 times (because we kept dinging it). The hardwood floors are stunning, thanks to Roman.

Many thanks to George, who was on top of every detail, and who was excellent at keeping us informed of progress. Thanks to the input of the entire design team, mainly Linda and Jeff, we were given enormous amounts of ideas, and guidance at every step. We could not have done this project without all of the team, as each provided such valuable contributions along the way.

Graeme provided a wealth of experience and knowledge in every area, from design ideas, to construction details and financial considerations. I am so grateful we followed his advice in so many areas, particularly about installing the Rainhead in the master bath! Jeff spent many, many hours on kitchen design, and the result is clear every day when we use our kitchen. It is such a pleasure to work in. Linda is a genius when it comes to design ideas, colour choices, fabric choices and just general spatial design. I had a great deal of fun spending my time with both Linda and Jeff, as they guided us through the thousands of choices.

Special mention goes to Bruno, who took the time to save some of our old house drywall, which had some memorable painting on it, done by our kids. He framed it for us, and presented it the end of the project. Those 3 framed pictures are hanging on our walls, and will always be treasured.

We were thrilled to be a finalist in the Georgie awards, and to see our house on the cover of Home Makeover Magazine. Thanks to the many wonderful professionals on the My House Design Build Team, we have a beautiful house which we will enjoy for many years to come.

We would highly recommend Graeme and his team for any project, big or small.