Port Coquitlam West Coast Oasis - Whole Home Renovation

To: My House Design/Build Team

Attention: Members of My House Design/Build Team,

Dear Graeme,

We wanted you to have this letter available for people who might be considering using My House Design / Build Team for a renovation.

When we first met on a Parade of Homes over four years ago we were considering renovating our kitchen. Shortly after that, our first phase was the Lindal addition. We had previous experience with a contractor whom we would not use again and although we had seen your good work in others’ homes we were understandably cautious.

The addition went so well that before it was complete we had agreed to renovate the rest of the kitchen area. After a pause to catch our breath we proceeded to the family room and master bedroom. More recently the front of the house has been updated and the main bathroom awaits. I’m sure there is more that we will do together after that.

From our experience in working with you and your team, as well as with others, I think there are three things that particularly distinguish you and your team.

First is the quality of the relationship. From the beginning you and your team have earned our trust. Integrity, honesty and straightforward communication were evident from the beginning; as was the spirit of working together. You are skilled at helping us clarify what we want, bringing fresh ideas and perspectives and presenting a range of alternatives for us to consider.

Also impressive is the quality of your team. They work well with us, they work well with each other and they are hard working. They are friendly, open, respectful and engaging. Anyone arriving at our front door from My House Design / Build is welcome and trusted.

The quality of your work is the easiest to see and it speaks for itself. Well, almost see… the finished product is easiest to see. What is harder to see is the quality you put in before the finishing – doing it the right way; for lasting results – especially when it won’t be quickly apparent.

Graeme, we would be happy to discuss any of this with anyone who is interested and we look forward to continuing to work with you and your team.