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Vancouver Creekside - Condo Renovation

To: My House Design/Build Team

Dear Members of My House Design/Build Team,

I am pleased to provide you with this testimonial letter about our recent kitchen/dining/living room renovation experience. From Corey Klassen’s design concept to Don McTavish’s project management, flawless workmanship, and disciplined execution, the words we have heard repeatedly from friends and neighbors who have viewed the changes are “stunning” and “transformational”. While these words certainly describe the end product, they do not tell the whole story.

The space we wished to renovate presented numerous challenges. The original kitchen layout was a complete disaster. The living room adjacent to the kitchen, separated by a wall was already compromised by an irregular layout.

The dining room and kitchen were separated by a pocket door and wall. Both walls had sprinkler system heads that couldn’t be altered due to fire code regulations. We had some ideas about what we wanted in terms of “must haves” to create a more functional open concept with increased storage capacity, but had no idea about what could realistically be done and in what time frame. We said we would ideally like the project started in the fall and completed by the middle of December. Corey and Don listened carefully and then collaborated on an ingenious design to overcome the challenges presented by limitations of space, fire code and electrical issues.

From the very beginning Corey and Don established clear lines of communication. Once the design plans were completed, and all materials and labor estimates finalized, Don set the construction budget and timetable. No surprises, no hidden cost, no delays. Sub trades were managed to Don’s time line, not theirs. The site was so immaculate during construction we were able to live in our suite with minimal disruption in the circumstances.

Integrity is one of the most crucial attributes any human being can have. If the people in a business have integrity, then the business will have a good name. A good name means that people can trust you. It means that when you say you will do something, others can believe it will happen. Integrity is at the heart of the My House Design/Build Team experience.

Yours truly,