West Vancouver Modern Tranquility - New Custom Home

To: My House Design/Build Team

To Whom It May Concern:

We met Graeme and the My House Design/Build Team during the initial conceptual design by their associate Architect, Joel Turkel, so they could skillfully facilitate the completion of the construction plans, specifications and all the subsequent details required for the strict West Vancouver building regulations.

During the construction period, from the tearing down of the existing house to the final touches of our new custom home, we had the pleasure of working with Graeme and the My House Team.

The Team is comprised of a skilled and motivated group of talented professionals dedicated to bringing fresh/new ideas to the table and providing us with a wide range of alternatives to consider. We are pleased with their timely and detailed workmanship.

We would definitely recommend Mr. Huguet and the My House Team to anyone who is considering building a new home or renovating their current existing home – actually, we have already recommended the team to our friends who wants to build a home!