A popular trend in newer homes is blending different floor types into the same room. The floors of this Surrey bathroom renovation incorporate large porcelain tiles, with an inlay of smooth, river rock pebbles which flows like the tides, and add dimension to the space. It’s a much more sophisticated and understated design than the dated checkerboard black and white tiles the home previously had.  

With so many textures used in this space, we purposely installed white cabinets, trims, and baseboards to help balance the space and provide a buffer between the different materials we used in this bathroom.

We carried this balance into the nearby walk-in closet by installing floor-to-ceiling white cabinets and drawers. It also provides a continuous clean line of sight between the rooms. The stone-look handles are in keeping with the natural look and feel of the bathroom.  

Not to be forgotten in this bathroom renovation is the frosted bathroom door is reminiscent of frosted sea glass and the large mirror frame which reminds us of driftwood floating along with the tides. 

This Surrey renovation also included a large stand-up shower with a built-in bench, which blends seamlessly into the quartz wall. The shower stall contains a traditional showerhead as well as body sprays, and a rain-head on the ceiling to provide the sensation of walking in the rain. The pebbles on the shower floor remind you of relaxing walks along the tidal shore.  

Do you want your bathroom to remind you of your favourite vacation spot?  If you want a bathroom renovation in your Surrey home (or anywhere in Metro Vancouver or the Gulf Islands), contact the My House Design team and we’ll help you feel like you’re on vacation every time you walk in your master ensuite.