Traditional – Bathroom Renovation

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Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house. They’re used by everyone, and should include well-designed storage, functional fixtures, and pleasing lighting and feel.

The My House Design/Build team has been completing bathroom renovations (in fact, entire home renovations) in Vancouver, Surrey, Coquitlam, and across the Lower Mainland for over 25 years.

Our in-house team of consultants, designers, construction professionals and project managers follow the set My House design build process which includes discussion of feasibility, design, and budget before any material choices and construction begin.

Considerations in Bathroom Renovations – Bathroom Renovation Vancouver

Before starting a bathroom renovation, consider:

  • Lifestyle – at peak times, how many people need access to this space?
  • Storage – What ideally would you store in this bathroom, and how much and what type of storage do you need?
  • Tub and shower – what do you have, what do you need? What materials do you prefer? What type of shower doors do you prefer?
  • Sinks – one, or two? Pedestal, freestanding or traditional (with storage)?
  • Counter tops – laminate, Corian, ceramic, stone or porcelain?
  • Toilets – low flow are a good choice if you’re doing a bathroom renovation. You can choose from one piece, two piece and wall-mount toilet styles.
  • Ventilation – very important!
  • Lighting – what issues do you have with your current lighting? Consider general lighting and specific (make up mirror, for example) lighting.
  • Flooring – what makes sense and what will look best with your dream vision? Non-slip floor surface? Stone, ceramic, cork?
  • Floor plan – you’ll want to leave enough space beside and in front of any tub, and also to position the toilet area in the least visible part of the room.
  • Electrical outlets – ensuring they are conveniently located for typical use.

Shown above is a gallery of bathroom renovation photos from Traditional bathroom projects completed by the My House Design/Build Team, experts in bathroom renovations Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, West Vancouver and across Greater Vancouver. We also have a gallery showcasing bathroom renovation projects done in a Modern or Contemporary style. View a large collection of whole house, kitchen, and bathroom renovation projects (with before + after photos) in our Renovation gallery. Get our award-winning renovation team working for you. Get started with a free consultation today.