Fit to Train – Commercial Renovation

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The owners of Fit to Train called My House Design/Build Team to help with their commercial gym renovation in Vancouver, BC.

Fit to Train support their clients with an inter-disciplinary approach to rehabilitation and training.

They wanted to renovate their existing office and gym space to create a warmer, more inviting and functional space for their clients to rehabilitate and heal.

Commercial Gym Renovation Creating a Warming Atmosphere

After this commercial renovation in Vancouver was completed, clients now enter the facility through large glass doors and are greeted with subtle brown/neutral tones and a hint of a teal blue accent colour (the clients’ logo colour).

This blue accent is also used on doorframes and interior doors to further subtly display the company branding.

To create a more open concept in the lobby waiting area, clear glass windows show a peak at the training areas and offices beyond.

The offices and private consultation rooms in the suite feature wall-to-celling windows, virtually eliminating the need for much extra interior, electric lighting.

When privacy is needed in these rooms, the windows can be covered with roller-style shades.

Each private room is furnished with a modern white desk, neutral-toned chairs, and any consultation or rehab equipment needed for that practitioner.

The gym/exercise room contains minimal furnishing and features wrap around mirrors and exercise equipment stored along the walls, creating a large workout space in the middle of the room.

The gym’s philosophy is to promote healing and fitness through an interdisciplinary approach. A goal of this project was to create a warm, comforting environment where their clients feel uninhibited and calm so they can focus on their training or recovery. This project clearly achieved this goal with flying (teal and warm) colours!

If you need a commercial gym renovated in Vancouver to modernize or improve functionality of the existing space, call the My House Design/Build team to discuss the possibilities and get started!