Coquitlam Garden Oasis

We’ve included this Coquitlam outdoor living renovation as a gallery in our Outdoor Living and Landscaping gallery, as well as in our full-home renovation gallery. To see this complete home renovation with before and after photos click here.

We’re pleased to share details and photos of this recent outdoor living / whole home / kitchen renovation in Coquitlam. The family of our Garden Oasis project wanted a renovation to their outside space so everyone would enjoy their time there more as well as a more open, brighter kitchen & great room with unobstructed views of outside.

Connecting with Nature

It was important to the family to have a home exterior that looked elegant, modern, and had landscaping that encouraged outdoor time.

The home’s new interior layout provides stunning, unobstructed views of the remodeled backyard.

The expanded patio space now includes a new glulam (glued laminated wood)/glass roof structure. The new natural stone patio tiles and comfy patio furniture provide a cozy area to relax or entertain in nearly any weather.

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