A Full Transformation – West Vancouver Renovation

The clients originally wanted a cosmetic upgrade to the house, but were open to our ideas for taking the transformation to the next level. The homeowners biggest ‘dislike’ of the original house was its lack of architectural interest and its mundane interior finishing.

As part of our plan, we replaced the out-dated traditional oak staircase with a modern open staircase with a steel spine, chunky wood treads, and a glass ‘bridge’ connecting two floors. We also created a two-story stone wall on one side of the stairwell, with a floor-to-ceiling strip of LED lighting nestled between two layers of overlapping stone.

Breathtaking Lights and Better Flow

We installed sleek modern tile throughout, and installed creative and breathtaking lighting choices. We made the foyer feel more welcoming and ‘higher’ than it was by using cleaner lines and opening the space up. As well, the homeowners wanted better flow from inside space to outside space, interior spaces were opened up to the outdoor balcony facing the view by means of an Eclipse folding door system from the dining room onto the balcony.

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