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If you missed our recent exclusive Vancouver Consumer Show appearance with Mannie Buzunis on Vancouver 980 CKNW on Saturday July 25, 2020, click the audio link below to hear what Graeme Huguet, owner of My House Design/Build Team, spoke about. We were pleased to be featured renovators on CKNW.

Graeme walks listeners through the types of common renovations in 2020, outlining what happens during the feasibility stage, how to best utilize your renovation budget, what you can do yourself, and what projects need a design and build team. This interview is 27 minutes long.

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Graeme Huguet speaking to Mannie Buzunis:

MB: Outdoor, indoor? What types of projects are My House doing this summer? 

GH: A bit of both. Many homeowners are investing in landscaping, backyard oasis, building outdoor covered areas, home offices, classroom areas, re-configuring spaces, changing or making more space for people moving back home (adult children, parents bringing in).

MB: What recommendations do you have for those getting permits/doing renovations in the Lower Mainland?

GH: I recommend you have lots of patience. It takes up to 1 year to get the permit for a lane-way or coach house. Each municipality processes things on their own schedule. Because we recognize that people are going through a difficult time this spring and summer with COVID-19, and to celebrate our 14 recent awards, My House Design/Build is offering 15% off preliminary design, planning, and the permit application process to help people get started on their projects. Getting the permit application process started early is an advantage to those planning new homes, renovations, and/or doing outdoor and other projects. Because the permit process can take a while, it’s good to start as early as you can.

MB: Are permits getting in hands quickly?

GH: Plan checkers are working hard and are working efficiently. Their working as quickly as their current resources allow. The permit application is a process, not just a stamp on a paper.

MB: You speak a lot about renovations and changing a home’s functionality. Tell us more. 

GH: How homes are arranged, room size, how the rooms worked together has changed over the years. One of the important things the My House Design Build team does is to adjust the home space to be more in line with how a family now lives. This could include adding patio doors, expanding outdoor living areas, making great rooms where people can spend more time in the kitchen vs. a formal, separate dining room and living room.

Here are our typical steps in the feasibility phase of a renovation project:

  1. Identify “Have-To”s.
  2. Look at your Wish List.
  3. Look at your existing house.
  4. Determine Feasibility. Bring you ideas, but within the bylaws for your municipality.
  5. If needed, get inspections and surveys so we can ensure a correct estimate.
  6. Do Plans + Permits.

In this phase, we do detailed drawings, lighting plans, heating plans, etc. We have good relationships with all municipalities in the Lower Mainland. This means homeowners don’t have to deal with the bureaucracy.

Listen to the entire interview regarding renovators on CKNW, click above.

Coquitlam Dramatic Lines

We’re thrilled to feature a recently completed home renovation in Coquitlam: Dramatic Lines.

This 1965 home underwent changes throughout, including opening a challenged entrance way, and transforming a dark kitchen with angular island into a bright space with white cabinets, better views, more seating, and a hidden pantry.

Dramatic lines refers in part to the flush, black herringbone ceiling detail that goes from the entrance way to the entertainment area, arriving at a modern fireplace. Black is also used on window frames and the kitchen island.

See the Dramatic Lines gallery for before and after pictures of these features as well as changes made to the master bedroom, teen bedrooms, laundry room and exterior.

You can also watch the video.

Mid-Century Revival – A Coquitlam Renovation

Right from the beginning it was evident that this Coquitlam Renovation was unique. It’s first impression was memorable as immediately after entering the front door, just past the dining table, there was a tree growing in the middle of home!  Upon further inspection of the space it became apparent that this home had undergone several alterations during its lifetime. Especially in the atrium, there was exterior siding, stucco, dirt floor, exterior light fixtures, and openings. Clearly the previous owners had added a roof over an exterior courtyard to capture the space for interior use.  Removing the dirt floors and spider webs was a very high priority for these clients.

Read more to learn about this Coquitlam Renovation.

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Caribbean Dream – A Whole Home Renovation In Surrey

A home should reflect its inhabitants.  It seems that home design is becoming more and more impersonal – clients want their home to look like the images they see online or in magazines, but maybe that isn’t the best objective when it comes to design?  We feel that a home should be a collection of the possessions our clients love, and a true reflection of their personality – quirks and all.  The owners of this project were some of the most fun, bubbly and jocular clients we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and their home shows it.

Read more to learn about this whole home renovation.

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Architectural Oasis – A Main Floor Renovation In Surrey

This spec home in Surrey underwent a complete main floor renovation completely transforming the space. We threw out the original floor plans and created a new layout from scratch.  A total rework of the layout was in order to accomplish the client’s wishes.  They desired a view to the yard from the front door, family centric design and a year-round outdoor living space.  With a blended family and extensive extended family, the clients really wanted an open and welcoming space where they could spend quality time with the ones they love.  In addition to a beautiful home, the space needed to be user friendly and easy to clean.  A lot of the decisions made were influenced by the client’s desire to add a large breed four-legged family member to their household in the near future.

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Urban Farmhouse – A Whole Home Renovation In Port Moody

From Cookie Cutter To Custom! Have you ever wondered how to transform your subdivision home into a custom residence? In Port Moody we took this standard craftsman house and turned it into a vibrant, modern space. This dream renovation began with our clients need to create a fourth bedroom for an expected child. Aside from the three upstairs bedrooms and two bathrooms, there was an open den, currently being used as a home office. Spacious enough to be a bedroom it was obvious this room would be walled in and converted to their fourth bedroom. To accommodate this, the home office would have to be relocated within the home.  Luckily, to the left upon entering the home there was wasted space. A large dining room, under-utilized. This area was walled in and finished with beautiful built-ins to make this smaller office beautiful but still functional. These were the only areas that were separated from the rest of the home – don’t worry, we love an open concept!

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