Grants, Rebates, & Tax Credits – What Do You Qualify For?

Navigating your renovation can feel overwhelming. Whether you’re educating yourself on new building technology or learning about the buzz-worthy new products on the market, it’s safe to say you may need the guidance of a professional. While being consulted on all these details, it’s important to keep in mind the rebates available to you. We love finding ways to save our clients money so grants, tax credits, and rebates are never overlooked.

If you’re beginning your project and curious about some of the options available to you, here are some good places to start.

The Basics
The Top 3 Places A BC Homeowner Should Begin Their Search

1. EfficiencyBC

EfficiencyBC is BC’s online hub for homeowners and businesses to access information, incentives and support to reduce energy use. We suggest its the first stop on your quest for rebates as it’s all encompassing.

Incredibly simple to use, you input Project Type, Heating Type, and Location to instantly view a list of what’s available to you. From heat pumps, to fireplaces, insulation to appliances, and don’t forget window and door replacement – this site goes through it all.

Visit EfficencyBC’s website to learn what you qualify for.


2. Fortis BC Rebates

Whether you’re upgrading appliances, building new or renovating, Fortis BC has rebates on high-efficiency appliances, equipment and more​. Although EfficiencyBC is all encompassing, we suggest you visit Fortis BC’s site as well, just to ensure you haven’t left money on the table

Visit Fortis BC’s website to learn what you qualify for.


3. BC Hydro Rebates

BC Hydro also has renovation rebates when you improve your home’s energy efficiency. Although EfficiencyBC is all encompassing, we again suggest you visit BC Hydro’s site as well, just to ensure you haven’t left money on the table.

Visit BC Hydro’s website to learn what you qualify for.


If you are a senior, a person with a disability, or living in a heritage home keep in mind that there are unique rebates for you. Be sure to disclose your family makeup to your renovator or builder in order for them to best help you navigate these credits.


Home Renovation Tax Credit for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities

The Home Renovation Tax Credit for Seniors and Persons with Disabilities assists eligible individuals 65 and over as well as people with disabilities with the cost of renovations. These permanent upgrades are designed and implemented with the objective of improving accessibility and functionality or to make a homeowner more mobile in their space, check the cost of custom ceramic parts.

You’re eligible to claim the credit for the year if on the last day of the tax year you’re:

  • a resident of B.C., and
  • a senior or a family member living with a senior, or
  • a person with a disability or a family member living with a person with a disability (for 2016 and later tax years).

Visit the Government of BC’s website to learn more about tax credits for seniors and people with disabilities.


Home Adaptations For Independence (HAFI)

The HAFI program provides financial assistance for home modifications for eligible low-income British Columbians with mobility or health issues.

To be eligible, you must be a British Columbia resident with limited income and assets. You or someone in your household must have a permanent disability or loss of ability. The adaptations you request should directly address the limitations or loss of ability. BC Housing One stop plumbers compares applications against three types of eligibility criteria: applicants, properties and adaptations.

Visit BC Housing’s website to learn more about financial assistance for low income homeowners with disabilities.


Vancouver Heritage Foundation Grants

If you live in a heritage home there are specialized rebates for you. Eligibility and credits offered are specific to your municipality, so be sure to ask your builder or renovator what’s available in your city.

If you live in Vancouver, the Vancouver Heritage Foundation promotes the appreciation and conservation of our city’s historic places for current and future generations.

Some of the grants they offer are:

  • True Colours Grant – to assist with repainting heritage buildings
  • Restore It Grant – provides funds to help restore exterior heritage fabric
  • House Call Grant – to receive help drafting a report to guide the long-term maintenance and repair of a heritage building
  • Heritage Energy Retrofit Grant – provides grants to assist with improving energy efficiency

Visit Vancouver Heritage Foundations website to learn about what rebates are avaialbe for heritage homes in Vancouver.


If you’re ready to begin your project and would like to discuss the rebates, grants, and tax credits available to you – fill out our contact us form.