Kitchen & bathroom renovations with a fixed price guarantee!

Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most enjoyed spaces in a home. Kitchen & bathroom renovations can add a new modern flair to your lifestyle and value to your home. Yet, with so many options available, it’s good to have a dedicated team on your side.

Our experienced designers will listen to your ideas, craft a plan, and provide you a proposal with a fixed price guarantee. Once the schedule is established work can quickly begin! Call now to get started today!

Learn about our award-winning process. View galleries of various styles and view whole project galleries of kitchen and bath.

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Our tips for Kitchens + Bath Projects

Our Kitchen and Bath Manager Morgan Weldrick has these tips:

  1. Choose Quality. Durable surfaces and good quality fixtures are a good investment because they’re designed to last.
  2. Take Time with Design. Explore your options before you go to far into the project – we want you to love your finished project!
  3. Don’t Follow Trends. Express your own personal tastes, and coordinate with the other items throughout your home that have significance to you.


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Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start

Before starting a kitchen or bathroom renovation, consider these items:

  1. Why this project, now? Is there a life-changing event happening (new baby, downsize) or are you frustrated with a certain flow in the space? Answers here help our project managers.
  2. How do you live? Write down your typical daily routines, hobbies, favourite ways of entertaining. These answers will ensure your needs will be met in your new kitchen.
  3. What inspires you? Create a scrapbook or digital scrapbook using a tool like Houzz to collect and document photos that inspire you and why. Visuals like this help communicate things quickly and accurately to the team.
  4. What are your ‘must have’s’ ? With bathrooms especially, details such as “my own sink” or “room to change and look in a full-length mirror” can help interior designers and architects design spaces and choose fixtures that will meet your needs.
  5. What is your budget? You need a clear idea of your budget before discussing a kitchen and bath renovation with a professional. You may change it, once speaking to them, but naming the number in your head is a good starting point.

Our Process for Kitchens and Bath

Over the last 25 years, we’ve developed a well-honed process for tackling a kitchen or bathroom renovation. With everyone on our in-house team working together and sharing important information at the right times, you’ll find the process of renovating your kitchen and bathroom as smooth and stress-free as we can make it.

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Client Reviews

Exterior of our custom homes West Vancouver project: Modern Tranquility

Client Reviews

“The quality of your work is the easiest to see and it speaks for itself. Well, almost see… the finished product is easiest to see. What is harder to see is the quality you put in before the finishing – doing it the right way; for lasting results – especially when it won’t be quickly apparent.”  View Project.

Whole House Renovation

Port Coquitlam West Coast Oasis/ Bob & Dawn

Client Reviews

Exterior of our custom homes West Vancouver project: Modern Tranquility

Client Reviews

“The Team is comprised of a skilled and motivated group of talented professionals dedicated to bringing fresh/new ideas to the table and providing us with a wide range of alternatives to consider.”  View Project.

New Custom Home

West Vancouver Modern Tranquillity/ Sharon & Eric

Client Reviews

Gambier Island home builders, Sunshine coast home builders

Client Reviews

“The My House Team impressed us with their understanding of our needs; their well-established network of tradespeople; their willingness to take on a significant construction project on an island property with no ferry access; and their enthusiasm to embrace new building technologies.”  View Project.

New Custom Home

Gambier Island Project/ Gary