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Cambria Dining Table, cambria quartz dining table

Stunningly Unexpected – Quartz Table Top

When people think of stone counter tops they automatically think kitchens & bathrooms. Although this is where stone like granite and quartz are typically used, stone can also be incorporated in new and interesting ways. For instance, this stunning Cambria quartz dining table in the heart of this newly renovated space.  Perfect for family dinners, or buffet spreads for larger gatherings, the elegant ‘Galloway’ top with the ‘Devon’ wrapped pedestal, takes casual dining to a whole new level.  At almost 10 feet long and 4 1/2 feet wide, this island of luxury anchors the space in this modern kitchen adding drama to this open concept plan.  It’s the perfect spot to sip your morning coffee while having ample room to spread the newspaper out in front of you at this oversize table.   Simple lines and eased edges, provide that modern look, and glossy reflective surfaces in the cabinetry and counter tops add sparkle and sophistication to the space.

Cambria Dining Table, cambria quartz dining table

This space’s lighting isn’t only beautiful but functional. The slim-line suspended LED fixture over the table allows clear access to the view and provides light where its needed.  A combination of ambient, task and accent light brings the space to life, and enhances the materials allowing them to look their best.  Having a modern design doesn’t mean giving up on warmth in the space.  In this modern home, the combination of wood floors, earthy textures, and a neutral colour palette, make it feel warm and inviting.

Living large means enjoying the view from the balcony just off this great room.  The open concept plan makes the connection to the great outdoors, opening onto an expanded balcony with areas for relaxing and enjoying the view of the city and the bay.  At the end of the day, sitting at this quartz table is the perfect spot to unwind and say ‘aahhh.’


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Linda Jones, R.I.D.
Interior Designer
My House Design/Build/Team (Vancouver, Surrey, British Columbia)



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